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Tips To Start Online Poker

Tips To Start Online Poker

Online poker is different from a poker game between friends or in a game circle.

The fact of not having the players in front of you, brings some difficulties to identify the tells , these signs and attitudes that give you a lot of information on how to play a hand.

So as not to lose immediately, here are some strategic tips to be successful in online poker.

Tips for playing poker online:

When you start playing poker online, it is very difficult to read the game of your opponents or to bluff because a beginner does not control the value of his carpet and his hand, but also because on the tables to weak blinds, online players tend to play at random.

On the other hand, if you play real money poker, or tournaments with larger buy-ins, you will be confronted with more experienced players, more serious, where these different techniques will be easier to set up.

Here are the 10 tips from King of Poker to start:

Forget the Bluff at the start:

Online, without experience, it is more difficult to read the players, so we advise you to play seriously , to take into account the odds and probabilities , the techniques like the semi-bluff or the floating-bluff will come with time.

Pay attention to your position:

Indeed, the position is very important in poker, it is really strategic because, in the optics where you have an average pair served , you will not play the same way if you are first or last of speech. On the Internet the carpets arrive very quickly, so be careful.

Be careful and opportunistic:

You need to “feel the shots”, depending on your carpet, your hand, the opponents and of course, your position.

Take your time:

Do not throw your body and soul into a blow that could be fatal and be careful with the automatic options in online poker rooms .

Do not play above your means:

If you play money, put yourself a monthly prize pool and in no case you go over!

Take breaks:

In online poker, a 5-minute break is triggered every hour in tournament mode but not in cash-game. Enjoy, move from your PC and relax! You will come back twice as motivated.

Play only one game at a time:

Always on the Internet, it is possible to make several tournaments at the same time or open several cash-game tables. Be careful not to mix your hands.

Do sit-and-go:

With a limited number of players, low buy-ins, it’s a good option to increase your bankroll and become familiar with the game. Also, players are generally more serious, with equal blinds , compared to cash games tables

Train before you start:

It will never be repeated enough but “it takes only a few minutes to understand the rules of poker, but a lifetime to master them”, so online as in real life, the key word, is experience. To do this, King of Poker has put at your disposal free poker games , to train before playing on the poker rooms .