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SEO’s Digital Marketing Professions

SEO’s Digital Marketing Professions

Content Manager, Digital Brand Manager, Traffic Manager, Social Media Manager, Community Manager, copywriter …

The new businesses related to the digital and digital development of companies are not lacking.

The stakes for companies regarding their digital transformation are enormous. It is not complicated: today, even the neighborhood business has every interest to develop its online presence to grow its sales or to retain customers.

Whether you offer your services to companies and craftsmen to accompany them to this change, or whether you are an entrepreneur or freelance, you can not miss the opportunities offered by these new professions.

Every day, the digital sector is recruiting new talent, and we look forward to helping you seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

The mission in SEO is simple:

To propel the SEO of a site while ensuring the respect of good SEO practices.

We propose you to learn solid techniques while freeing your creativity to obtain virtuous and lasting results.

We will not offer you “black hat” methods, we will only teach you methods that are proven by Google and proven by the sites that perform in this area

Six (excellent) reasons for distance learning

1. It’s Immediate

Your training starts as soon as you register, you do not have to wait for a date set by the training center.

2. It’s Flexible

You work where and when you want. You do not adapt to our constraints it is we who adapt to yours.

3. It’s Accessible

Our courses are open to all, and adapted to the greatest number. No special prerequisites are imposed.

4. It’s Economical

You only pay for the training and no additional costs – accommodation, transport, rental of premises – will only increase the price.

5. This is Refreshed

Our trainings are updated in real time. Our watch is permanent and we include any new and useful information to our courses.

6. It’s Individualized

Throughout your training you will be followed individually and we will work on your project to make this training as useful and practical as possible.

CopyWriting/ StoryTelling

If you do not publish anything interesting, you will not interest anyone. This is the harsh reality.

You can offer the best service in your field, or the most innovative product of the moment: if you do not know how to captivate the interest of the public and your future customers, then you will not sell anything because you will not have convinced them to pass to action.

Knowing how to tell each other, to highlight one’s product or services, to sell oneself, to seduce one’s persona, is what we propose you to learn thanks to this exciting and very high added value training.