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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

For a mobile application development platform, the priority given to mobile is a sign of speed, but also of power. However, without high-level security and appropriate certifications, the focus on mobility is a major source of risk.

Appian’s mobile application development platform is fast. As for your applications, they are more powerful than ever. And the icing on the cake is that you’re sure your apps are safe with authentic security certifications.

What are the benefits of mobile application development?


Multiple devices displaying different views of the same report with a colored bar graph

Create natively mobile applications, and quickly

With the explosion of mobile, customers and employees want more control over how they interact with your business. Create mobile apps that will meet their needs, and quickly, with Appian.

Low-Code Development:

With visual authoring tools that are drag-and-drop and point-and-click , your applications are created up to 20 times faster than traditional development tools.

Centralized UI:

Features Manage and apply style sheets and branded elements with user interface frameworks that harmonize the look and feel of your applications in the blink of an eye.

Real-time tests:

Create, test. Thanks to the development tests, your applications are quickly available to users.

Develop an App for All Devices:

at Once With Appian’s patented SAIL patenting technology , it’s no longer necessary to develop separately for iOS and Android. Develop a natively compatible application that works as expected on almost any device at once.

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Harness the power of mobility

Good mobile application development is not just about speed. Mobile enterprise applications must be able to support critical activities . Go up a gear with Appian.

Create enterprise mobile apps:

Create and launch unique mobile apps that meet the needs of the entire enterprise, not a specific service.

Adapted to your needs:

Transform your ideas and mobile applications into powerful, sophisticated solutions specifically designed for your customers, employees and citizens.

Process Management Integration:

With Appian, you get the best business process management capabilities in the market, with process modeling, activity orchestration, and dynamic business rules.

Unify your apps with enterprise data:

Take advantage of Appian Records in your mobile apps to instantly access company-wide data on any topic, summarized as a single, actionable summary.

Mobile devices with locks to represent security:

Trust your security

Appian takes the security of your mobile applications very seriously. That’s why every application you create benefits from our investments and our vast experience.

More security certifications:

With a rating of 5.0 on a scale of 5 awarded by Forrester for certifications, Appian offers a more secure mobile application platform.

Compliant with industry standards:

The comprehensive program of security and compliance Appian means that you are no longer slowed by standard and strict compliance criteria.

With third party audits:

What is the sign that the mobile application platform you are using is safe? The vendor of your choice undergoes frequent third-party security audits to verify that the controls in place are working as intended … Exactly like Appian.

Better Security Risk Management:

With all the steps Appian has taken to secure its mobile application development platform, you can rest assured that your mobile applications will never be vulnerable.

Mobile devices displaying BPM graphics and reports

Because it’s a unified platform, Appian has more features than you would expect from a mobile application development platform. Come see it for yourself!

Content Management:

Appian includes a content management system that organizes, accesses and distributes content from a single, easy-to-use repository.

Easier integrations:

With the Appian Integrations Designer, you can instantly integrate your application into multiple systems without the need for coding.

Social Collaboration:

Your secret weapon? It’s the information and the business context that holds the brains of your employees. Take advantage of them with Appian’s social collaboration features .

Business Intelligence:

Get a better overview of your business. Create self-optimized processes that leverage past performance and trends and generate dynamic reports that provide real-time insight into your business.