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Making Money On Internet Poker

Making Money On Internet Poker

Making money on internet poker, is it a reality or a dream?

It is the dream of many players, especially those who are new to poker, to make money by playing online poker on sites such as Winamax or PokerStars, for example.

Some even caress the idea, to become a professional poker player one day and succeed in living their passion for this card game. But the path to becoming a good player, then a winning player, can be quite long, even for those born with undeniable predispositions for Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other variants of the game of poker.

Poker, contrary to certain popular beliefs (conveyed by those who know nothing about it), is not easy money. Rather, in my opinion, money is available, which must be sought. This quest requires qualities and efforts. We will see which ones.

Some are the possible external brakes to success:

Before knowing if we have the intellectual, physical, emotional, technical skills to win poker, we must first ask the question of the environment. Indeed, sometimes the rake (sum taken by the room for the organization of the game) is too important on certain types of parts.

At other times, the variance (large variations due to the hazards or circumstances of the game) at certain tables with certain limits is too high, for example, due to the presence of Sharks (very good players) or a structure too turbo (very fast game structure). It can be very difficult to win, or with a ROI (Return on Investment) sufficient parts.

It is sometimes better, in my opinion, not to play, rather than to risk losing, when the environment is too unfavorable.

The qualities to succeed:

In addition to the qualities of patience, understanding of the adversaries, situations, of oneself, a certain imagination, a dose of empathy, a limited risk aversion, calculation, tactical and strategic capacities, an important control of the stress, a real poker culture (rules, strategies, moves, psychology of the game and players, etc.). A good poker player must also have stamina, perseverance and regularity, in happy (or lucky) times, but also in the more uncertain and sometimes difficult periods in which doubts, doubts and doubts arise. important.

In dark, complicated times, when the results are not there, because we did not play at its best, because we did not concentrate enough, because we had lack of luck, because we were not ready or sufficiently trained, because other events in our lives have impacted our game, we need great inner strength, to overcome hardships, to be able to new, a winning player.  

Screenshot of a SharkScope curve (online tool, which compiles the performance of players) of a player who has a management of Bankroll reasoned (bankroll: a bankroll is calculated in number of cellars for a given limit. if I have 100 €, it represents 100 cellars in limte 1 €, but only 50 cellars limit 2 €) (cellar: set of chips with which sits at a table).

Rigor and continual adaptation to the environment:

To earn money, online poker, of course, have the qualities that have just been mentioned, but it also requires rigor, infallible rigor, in the management of his bankroll, in my opinion.

It is an unrelenting rigor that can be used to grind (earn money regularly playing poker) online. A good poker player is a player who is in no hurry to reach the next limit. A conscientious management of your bankroll consists, for example, in adapting your bankroll to situations. For example, it is necessary to accumulate a number of cellars to play cash games.

The number of cellars necessary to play comfortably in tournament or sit and go is not the same and it is much higher to play an Espresso (200 cellars because of the variance) (the Expresso, on Winamax is a format to 3 hyper turbo players). We must also take into account the type of table that we find ourselves. Aggressive tables are more greedy in the cellar than more passive tables. And yourself, if you personally have a natural tendency to be broad, tight, aggressive, passive, one must, of course, adapt his bankroll, to his style of play.

Becoming a winning player is not so easy:

Are there many poker players who have all these qualities and who are also able to manage their bankrolls with intelligence?

The answer is no. The majority of poker players are recreational players, who play for fun and have little ambition for results (or do not afford it). Whether on the internet, at the casino tables, at the tables of amateur players clubs, or at private tables of friends and acquaintances, we often meet intermediate level players and even sometimes players of a good level. technical, but they very often lack rigor in their bankroll management and in the choice of their parts. Few players are realistic about their true levels, their shortcomings, in my opinion. Some, who have good abilities and play well, often show such intellectual laziness, that it seems obvious that the search for constant progression is not in their DNA. All these players will quickly stagnate and remain at this level.

From time to time, but to put it mildly, we encounter a player, or a player with potential well above average. One wonders then if this person will have the courage, the endurance, the will to become a very good player, or a very good player of poker. And you, what poker players are you?