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Evolution Of Mobile App Tests And Current Challenges

Evolution Of Mobile App Tests And Current Challenges

Today’s consumers expect a fluid and qualitative experience. A true testing strategy for your mobile application is therefore essential to the development process. The current mobile landscape is evolving very fast and users have higher expectations every day, creating many challenges for developers.

New technologies :

Today’s mobile applications must work perfectly in a multitude of media.

Global Market and Location: Your mobile experience needs to be country-specific, but building multiple quality assurance teams around the world is not a viable solution.

Accelerated publication planning: In our world of continuous integration and continuous development, it has become difficult to carry out exhaustive tests without lengthening delivery times.

Customization : Customers expect personalized exchanges when they use your app. Customization tests can only be done by testing with real people.

Device fragmentation: The proliferation of models, operating systems, and mobile operators has created a fragmented mobile ecosystem.

Not only do developers need to stay up-to-date with what’s new, but they also need to make sure their applications work on both the latest OS and older versions.

Unexpected Use Cases: Each user is unique and each experience of an application will be different. Real-world environments can not be controlled, but testing for unexpected use cases is not easy.

Finding the Right Mobile Application Testing Strategy With Applause

Due to the evolution of mobile applications, lab testing – far from where users live, work and play – is no longer an effective strategy. The lab approach does not take into account the many problems that can occur when your apps are in the hands of real people on real devices, anywhere in the world. This is where the crowdtesting can help you.

The benefits of mobile app testing with Applause:

World leader in crowdtesting, Applause gives you access to more than 400,000 experienced testers all over the world to test your apps under the same conditions as your end users. Applause testing lets you test your apps on a large scale and make sure they work as expected on any device you want, no matter what the environment.

The best approach for mobile app testing is to leverage the strengths of different testing strategies throughout your development cycle. The crowdtesting – Applause’s all-in-one solution – adds value for every type of test:

Functional testing ensures that your mobile apps work as expected on all devices. It is important to test the application from the start and regularly on a wide range of devices. Whether you choose for exploratory or structured testing, Applause’s “real-world” approach provides data and results that you would not get in a test lab.

Usability tests help ensure that each user gets a positive experience from your application. Each user is different, so every experience of an application will be different too. The crowdtesting with Applause allows you to create test groups just like your target audience to get usable feedback from real users.

Location testing is designed to ensure that your applications are accessible and adapted to the local context in multiple regions and markets. Applause gives you access to testers all over the world and allows you to test your applications in specific geographic areas or markets that are particularly important to you.

Automation is important for verifying general operation and performing regular regression tests. Whether you need a turnkey solution or a boost to get started, Applause can help you. We offer you access to testers with extensive experience writing automated scripts on a wide range of tools. Combine automation with real-world tests to ensure the highest possible code quality.

The right mobile app testing strategy is unique to each company. Applause delivers solutions that deliver excellent results throughout your development process. The Applause solution allows you to launch versions faster, save money and impress your customers with less risk. Many companies (Google, Dailymotion, Uber and others) use Applause’s crowd testing methodology to leverage their internal testing capabilities and deliver a quality digital experience to their customers.