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Action Games

Action Games

In action games, the player, confronted by his opponents in violent confrontations, sees his reflexes and his skill put to the test. This type of video games is divided into three sub-categories: fighting games, arcade games and platform games.

Fighting Games – Real Steel :

Mobile Fighting games usually play mode solo , in which the player confronts the machine, but some also offer the battle mode between two players. A good example of application of this type of game is Real Steel, an adaptation of the film of the same name.

Arcade games – Angry Birds:

Arcade-style mobile games are characterized by simple, repetitive gameplay and allow players to test their speed. The Angry Birds game is a notable example.

Deck games – Rayman Jungle Run:

In platform games, previously developed and become popular on consoles before being mobile-adapted, the player-controlled character jumps from one platform suspended to the other or overhead. obstacles and avoids traps. Rayman is a perfect example.


Adventure games sometimes look like other categories, including platform games.  We can mention as example Minecraft or The Walking Dead.


This category is one of the most popular on smartphones.  Since the focus is not on the player’s address but on his ability to plan and analyze, many variables must be taken into account when developing the game. Clash of Clans and Plants Vs.


Being first of all one of the most popular games categories on computers, the simulation games have finally arrived, in their original or similar versions, on mobiles. By taking into account the laws of physics and the limits of reality, they aim to reproduce realistically activities, actions or sensations.

Life simulation games, like the famous Sims series, and economic or management games, like SimCity, are the most popular. There are also others, such as FarmVille simulating life on the farm, Truck Simulator to dive into the daily life of a truck or Goat Simulator that can embody a goat.


Four Sports, a lot of balls and stuff

Sports games include many disciplines such as football, golf, tennis, ice hockey, horse riding, etc. They allow the player to become an athlete or lead a team.


Car games such as Need for Speed ​​and F1 Challenge are certainly the most popular in this category, but there are also motorcycle, bike and skateboard games.


In this list, you will find examples of mobile games that are generally simpler and that require less resources to develop. Most of them are free and keep flowing on the blinds.

Role games:

Dedicated to role playing, these games are characterized by the intense interaction of the player with the fictional environment and a complex scenario. Final Fantasy or Star Wars are famous examples.

Educational games:

Although they mainly offer educational exercises for children, there are educational games for all ages.

Music games:

We’ve already talked about music apps in one of our articles . Unlike these, music games include gamification techniques. Music Quiz or Epic Party Clicker are good examples.


Creating a puzzle-type game may not require a huge initial investment, but you will have to deal with many competitors. Think about using social networks. By allowing users to play with or against their friends, you will be more likely to retain them