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14 Tools To Create a Mobile Application

14 Tools To Create a Mobile Application

How to create an application in 5 steps:

  • Visit the website of a platform like GoodBarber, Siberian or Appligo
  • Choose an application category: Restaurant, Shop, etc.
  • Add the functions that suit you: info page, online video, etc.
  • Update the content by changing the images and text of the app.
  • In general, it’s as simple as that. Some platforms let you go to the last step without registering. Others ask you to register from the start.

Most of the mobile app creators we’ve tested offer two types of apps:

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is similar to a mobile version of your existing website. It opens on an Internet browser for smartphone, tablet or computer. You will have access to the same functions as with a native e-commerce application, user accounts, blog, etc.

Speaking of native apps , these are the ones most people are looking for. They can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store app stores. A native application will also allow you to send these little practical push messages that nobody or almost does not know how to disable.

While you can create your own PWA app for around 8 to 20 € a month, designing a native app will not spare your wallet. For an application for the Android ecosystem, most publishers will ask you to pay monthly about 35-60 €, and this can go up to double for an iOS application.

1.  Good Barber – A pleasure for the eyes

This application editor with the original name comes from Corsica and impresses us with the aesthetics of its themes. Create an Android native app for $ 32 a month. Adding an iOS app will cost you € 96 per month, and this always includes a PWA (progressive web app). The publisher showcases a long list of applications created with his system.

We appreciate  : The beautiful models and the competitive rates for the creation of native applications, as well as the flexibility offered by this tool.

To improve  : The tool does not have its own online store function, but you can integrate Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.

2. Siberian – Building open source apps

Another application editor “made in France”, Siberian offers two features: it gives you access to the source code of the application, but you must also install the platform on your own Internet domain. This is worth it because you can create an app completely for free!

The designs are not necessarily the most captivating, but you have access to many customization and layout options. The features are rather impressive, like push notifications, m-commerce, and more. It will take a little more technical effort, but if you know how to install files on a domain, you will not have too many problems with Siberian.

We appreciate  : The completely free version can take you very far and create really professional apps.

3. Swiftic – The Swiss army knife for creating mobile applications

This publisher, founded in Israel in 2010, claims the creation of more than one million applications worldwide, making it one of the major players in the application market. The tool offers a wide range of blocks to assemble: loyalty card management, making appointments, e-commerce, user reviews and event management, etc. Most of the examples highlighted in the application gallery are related to restaurants, music groups, and other structures that organize events.

We found seven different designs to combine with six styles of navigation. You can customize colors, background images, and icons with your own graphic elements.

4. Swiftic Editor

We appreciate  : The editor, very well done and easy to use. He is one of those who offer the greatest number of features. The designs are really a plus. A French version is available.

To improve  : Their marketing. After your registration, you will receive promotional emails every day for almost a week …

5. Shoutem – Apple’s mobile app editors

Created in 2011, this application editor is a product very licked, which offers a lot of powerful options. For example, the geolocation-based location directory, which proved particularly useful for our test project (application on museums).

Monetization items, such as integration with Shopify and mobile ad support, allow you to recover what you spend on Shoutem. This tool is neither the most expensive nor the most affordable: the price range starts at $ 19.90 per month (Basic formula), or just under $ 18. To be able to publish your application on the Apple or Android app stores, you must subscribe at least the Advanced offer at $ 49 (about 44 €).

We were particularly seduced by the interface, both fun and powerful, as well as design models.

6. The Shoutem editor

We like  : The designs, the elements based on the geolocation, the simplicity of use and the management of the transfer of images.

To improve  : Honestly, not much, except that the subscription could of course be cheaper.

7. Appligo – Easy and fun to use

The company AppYourself was founded in 2011. Its solution Appligo allows to create applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as PWA applications. Three formulas are proposed: Starter (20 €), Business (40 €) and

We appreciate  :Above all, the interface, which is well structured and very easy to use. But also the graphics options, and assistance, which has been responsive. Available in French.

To improve  : Appligo is a German company and there are still some untranslated menu items. This is not a huge problem, but it will have to be solved.

Where are all the applications? According to the Statista website  , there are approximately 2.8 million apps on the top three App Stores. Swiftic and AppMakr alone announce that 3 million apps in total have been created with their tools. It can be deduced that a considerable number of applications never integrate the catalogs of the main app stores.

8. Mobincube – Apps for everyone

Unlike Mobile Roadie, Mobincube is positioned as the creator of apps for all. Everyone can and should be able to create an application and make some money on the AdMob platform. But before you make money, you will have to spend it. Do not panic, Mobincube is very affordable: a free formula is available and the subscription without ads the cheapest is 9.99 €. Surprisingly, all the proposed formulas allow you to publish your creation on one or more of the main application shops.

Mobincube, a company with Spanish roots, displays a “beta” label when you use the publisher. Indeed, it is a little “beta”. We sometimes had to change browser to use certain features. But what the publisher has to offer seems truly powerful. For example, you can create complex page types, for example using an SQLlite database to retrieve data from an external server. To be honest, we did not really understand how it worked, and in terms of ergonomics, the publisher could definitely do better. However, no other publisher allows you to get a free real application. Paid subscriptions also seem very affordable.

9. Mobincube Editor

We appreciate  : Very competitive prices and large choice of models. Some features look rather innovative.

To improve  : Some technical problems to solve; models can impose certain limits.

10. AppMachine – The site that has potential

This name seems to have a deep meaning. AppMachine automates a maximum of laborious processes. Enter your URL and the tool imports everything it considers useful for your application. It can import your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds and even images if you wish. Pretty original and useful!

This Dutch publisher is visually impressive without being overwhelming. The idea of ​​using Lego building blocks pleased us. This is one of the best tools for creating mobile online applications that we have tested, and although the user interface is not always intuitive at first, we think this solution has the potential to become one of the major players in this market.

We appreciate  : The powerful editor, a complete choice of blocks to combine, the availability of a French version.

To improve  : The user interface could be a little more logical and fast.

11. Appy Pie – a feast of features

Based in India, Appy Pie also claims to be the fastest growing mobile application publisher in the world. Although it is difficult to verify the veracity of this statement, it seems that the service is gaining popularity in some parts of the world.

His free subscription, rather unique, can appeal to beginners. Note, however, that this option only includes a mobile site. To obtain a native iOS or Android application, it will be necessary to switch to a paid subscription, the prices being quite close to other mobile application editors.

The main asset of Appy Pie: its unique features. The publisher actually offers options that its competitors do not have. For example, you can add purchases via the app, connect databases, transfer e-books, and even create your own dating app! Many of these features are often simple integrations, so be aware that you may need to create accounts on other services to use them.

12. Appypie Templates

We appreciate : The interesting niche features, as well as the many integrations proposed and their ease of use.

To be improved : poorly designed icons and templates that give apps an amateurish look. The French version of the publisher and the website really leaves something to be desired.

13. BIZNESSAPPS – The lead magnet

The video on this site advances a bold figure: one in twenty apps is based on Bizness Apps. Since its creation in 2010, the Californian company has contributed to the development of more than 300,000 applications.

In order to create native iOS or Android apps, you will need to purchase the Mobile Apps subscription for $ 59 per month (just over $ 50). The publisher is clearly structured and has made a good overall impression.

We appreciate  : The support of a large number of third-party integrations, including functions to collect leads.

To improve  : Visually, the tool could be a little more pleasant; other application building tools allowed us to get results faster.

14. AppMakr – As in the good old days

This online application creation tool based in Singapore has nearly 2 million applications on the meter; impressive. In addition to a promise to create an application “in just 20 minutes”, he is doing well with his rates. In addition to the free formula, two $ 2 subscriptions for PWA and $ 99 a year for iOS and Android, make this creator of applications one of the cheapest on the market.

However, we were quite disappointed after our registration. The appearance of the publisher is not really modern. Looks like there has been no redesign in recent years. But let’s be honest: the tool has many blocks to combine and the design of the application can be customized. This product is simply less pleasant to use than its more elegant competitors.

We appreciate  : Affordable rates.

To improve  :      The design and the editor, this product really needs a major redesign.

Some cool community features are also available, such as online chats and a wall of comments, which may be particularly useful for artists and music groups. Musicians will also appreciate the seamless integration of the music player.

Very advanced features, such as geographic targeting for your content, are also offered. Given the wide range of features available, you will need more time to master this application editor than most other solutions.